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It's Clazzical - Julian Marc Stringle

It's Clazzical Julian Marc Stringle

My very good friend and colleague, Julian, has recently given me a copy of his latest CD, 'It's Clazzical'. I had a chance to listen to it this afternoon and was overwhelmed, not only by his playing, but the sheer brilliance of each and everyone on the recording. So much care has gone into the crafting of this CD, from the choices of tune to the arrangements, the playing, the mixing and production. It is a unique blend of Classic Melodies & pulsating Latin jazz-funk themes played by Julian with his Dream Band and a string quartet. I'd be very surprised if this album didn't receive a huge amount of airplay on BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM. If you can't wait t hear it on the radio you can buy it by clicking on the link below. You won't be disappointed!

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